How to create a killer offer with postcards

Marketing with postcards is not new, but still works.

As compared to other marketing strategies employed like television ads, marketing with postcards allows you the chance to literally put your message into the hands of your target customers. There are countless reasons as to why direct mail and postcards will help pass your marketing message along with rules you need to follow to be able to design a killer postcard.

Too bad many people fail to acknowledge Return on Investment (ROI) and postcards. However, marketing with postcards is very cost-effective and sure way to create leads.

Here are a few tips that will help you on how to create a killer offer with postcards that will guarantee positive response from customers.

Plan Ahead

Know what you intend to achieve by creating a specific purpose for your postcard. Make the idea so big to be able to grab the attention of your customer and ensure your message isn’t too boring.

The Big First Impression

Who want s to receive an advertising mail? Definitely a lot of people won’t be pleased to receive mails urging them to spend their money. Contrastingly, everyone celebrates upon receiving a postcard from their friends or relatives.

Create a postcard that looks like a message from a friend and not an advertising announcement. This will create a very warm and friendly postcard reception.

Additionally, have a simple message that says a lot; pretend as if you’ll get charged $50 for every word you write.

Marketing With Postcards That Are Eye-Catching

Ensure you come up with a postcard that will easily grab people ‘s attention at first sight. How can you do this? Consider including high-quality photos and colors.

Get To the Point

Make your goal to generate leads and not close sales. This will work best because you’ll be sure to write short messages rather than trying to explain everything. Make the biggest benefit of what you offer the first thing your potential customers will see.

Make the Most of Both Sides

In every postcard, there’s the ‘billboard’ side and the ‘message’ side; think of the ‘billboard’ side as a poster and include big simple quality photos and colors. Include a short precise message on the other side with contact information.

Oversized Cards

In direct mail and postcards, 6 by 11 postcards normally standout against the others and give you enough room to add in more details.

Encourage Fast Action

Give your customers a reason to respond immediately like offering them a special bonus or discount prices up to a certain deadline.

Remember Return on Investment (ROI) and Postcards

In this digital era, marketing is done online and many people have forgotten marketing with postcards. Fortunately, business owners have begun to revive this method and rediscover their charms. If you’re one such person, these tips will definitely work in your favour.

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How To Use Hi Tech To Rank Your Website

What tools can you use to get visitors to find your site?

Oh yes the internet is a beautiful thing. Where else can you type in a keyword and instantly get millions of results and website to look through and get your information?

With the millions of websites out there, and most of them being lost in the maze of massive deindexing by google, there are now new ways that you can make sure that your website is found in the search engines.

One of the most important tools that you can use, is knowing the skill of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the skill of knowing how to create a website that the search engines will love and therefore also show the site in the search results. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using SEO services in Oklahoma City because they have really good on page search engine specialists there.

Now although there are numerous automation tools that exist where you can save time to post content and manage your website, you still have to be careful and not go too crazy.

Gone are the days of old when you could spam your website and get to the top of ggole in the search results. Now you have to be a bit more selective on which tools to use and how to use them so as to avoid any type of google penalty.

Recommended tools for the trade.

One of the best web development tools out there right now for getting fast rankings and syndication is to use syndwire. What this tool does is save you time by automating much of the grunt work you have to do to get your content spread all over the web.

Another great tool for web development is the use of google chrome and their add on for the browser. This allows the web developer to inspect elements of a site and determine how it was built, keywords, and rankings.

Another great tool to have at your disposal for getting traffic, is a video creation software tool. Making videos is a great way to attract visitors based around a niche and knowing how to use video to persuade your visitors to perform a specific action.

With all these automation tools available, still the best method for converting visitors into sales, is through marketing and copywriting. These tools are always going to work and work very well to take leads and turn them into paying customers.

With the advancement of new technology and new ways of making our lives better and easier, there still comes a time when you need to make sure that you have skills that will never become obsolete and will always be something that you can use.

Marketing and direct response advertising are tools that help this process of using technology to make your life better and more productive, a reality. It is never too late to learn this stuff and the quicker you do, the better of you will be.

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